We are a mother-daughter team that loves to create.  


Pat is the mother that is addicted to paper and makes all the paper items on the site.  Pat's a retired military wife, mother and grandmother that has always been involved in the art world in one form or another.  She also comes from a long line of cooks and chefs, so has quite a bit of creativity in the kitchen, too.  


A lot of the kitchen talent has also rubbed off on her youngest daughter, who loves to bake and can take a standard recipe and figure out a way to cut the calories and make it a healthy choice!  Leslie is also the one who loves making all the jewelry at the Asylum and also has the talent of creatiing many other things.  


Being a military wife and mother for almost 24 yrs., Pat has instilled in her children "waste not, want not" and that there was always a 2nd use for most items that are thrown away.  Leslie has also learned that trait from an early age and it is she who comes up with many different uses for items that are discarded by most.  And from that way of thinking, they've discovered that they can find uses for those "throw-aways" and enjoy the delight of others when they say "I never thought of doing that!" or "what a great idea!"

We dislike to duplicate unless by special request, so everything we make will be "one-of-a-kind", unless specified.  Many items are donated to us, so we are able to keep are prices as low as possible.  Also, many items that we make will be found at local vendor fairs, community events and fairs that will NOT be put online because of problems with shipping and handling.  


As they say "One person's junk is another man's treasure!" and we're here to show you how and to keep the cost down!

Our newsletters are usually sent out only when there is a sale.  All other information will be listed in our blog, which I try to do at least once a month.