Storage Ideas Plus

If you're anything like me, I'll use anything I can get my hands on for storage! At one time, I couldn't afford to get anything new, so I was re-using old containers and bins from my office area to store my crafting stash.

As you can see in the photo, there are plenty of storage bins here from Walmart and other discount stores that held (and still do) a lot of my tools and embellishments.

Below is a wall mounted printers tray that held a lot of my wooden stamps so they were in easy reach and very accessible. I do like them exposed so I know what I have on hand and it also gives me inspiration for a lot of ideas. Presently, they are in a 12x12 case as I don't have the wall space that I once had when we re-located the craft room.

Bins of all shapes and sizes hold so much! As long as you keep everything labelled well and sorted, you should be able to get by with a lot of stash in a small area! Below are some desktop cases which have been labelled.

These "assemble yourself" storage units are great. I have many of these in my new crafting room and they hold an extreme amount of items, but they are not so cheap. I have been purchasing them whenever I get a 40% off coupon or when they are on sale.

For storing clear stamps, I use old CD cases. Below, the cases are stacked on a CD tower and each case is labelled as to the type it is. If I need to, I will stamp all the images on a piece of cardstock and place it inside the case. Some of the clear stamps original cardstock fit into the case really well, and I will just use that, if possible.

I use a lot of these old mint containers to hold many of the brads and eyelets that I use on projects and greetings. They are very handy for keeping them sorted.

On one wall I keep many of the dimensional embellishments that I use. They're easy to see and great for inspirations. I do try to keep them organized by elements such as "birthday items", "words", flowers or flying things, etc..

Binders hold a lot of flat items, such as stickers or printed items. I use my binders for my printouts of teabag tiles, patterns for punched items, and things like that.

This cabinet is very cute and is another way to store items, as is the shelving unit above it.

One of my big expenses and splurge was to get a stamp pad wall unit made specifically for me. The company that makes these does a remarkable job!

Although they have magnetic books for my metal dies, I am lucky enough to have a 3-armed display stand (which is broke) that I use to keep my dies on. I simply poked holes in quart-sized bags and put my sets of dies in each one.

I love these bins to hold large items, like my Xyron machine, my glue guns, and larger items. Also on the shelf is a shoebox that holds all of my embossing folders.

12 x 12 bins and more for all of my papers and large items that I love to keep safe. They sat on a bookshelf, at one time. Now they are stacked on a cabinet inside of a closet and each one is labelled.

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