Welcome to the new, and improved web site! (formerly known as Creations of Home) we are now re-named and re-vitalized as Altered Asylum!

Why the change? Because we feel the new name represents more of what we are making and selling. We have a larger format, easier to read and hopefully friendlier for you, the consumer.

Remember, all our items are handmade, remade and one-of-a-kind! (and sometimes, aren't you glad there's no other like it?!) Unique.

You say our products are a little more expensive? We are trying our best to keep a reasonable price on ALL items, across the board, to cover the cost of shipping and handling. As before, we do not charge for shipping, unless your purchase is more than 3 pounds.

We've always re-cycled and re-used items in our family. Being a military family, when my children were small, we'd find ways to save and get use out of everything at least twice. Ever find a second use for that empty jar or bottle? And sometimes when you need to fix something, you find just what you need by re-using. I recall when my kids had an inflatable swimming pool and they lost the "plug" for it....a plastic bottle cap off of my detergent bottle was a great replacement...right diameter but a little thicker, and it "saved the day" as far as the kids were concerned!

So keep in mind, as you search through our items, that it's all handmade and recycled from items that normally get tossed out. We may even have a video or two to show you how to save, reduce or recycle something. We're trying to make life easier for everyone AND keep our prices down.

We'll even have some great recipes online that have been altered and updated for a healthier you. A lot of the dessert ones have been edited by Leslie, the avid baker, who makes items as healthy as possible since we have food allergies and diabetes in the family. She cuts back on the fats and sugars to make them as healthy and as tasty as possible.

So stick around as we build this new site with new ideas, hints and a lot of fun items. And feel free to drop us a line to let us know what you would like to see, or send us your ideas or hints!

As a reminder, our new site is ALTERED-ASYLUM.COM (that's a hyphen between words)

Our new email address is Altered_asylum@cox.net (that's an underscore between words)


Altered_asylum@yahoo.com (an underscore between words)

Happy Holidays!!! ENJOY!

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