Recycling Christmas Cards

When I was a little girl, my mom belonged to the elementary school PTA and they often would have bake sales and rummage sales along with craft fairs. As a little girl, I recall my mother and my aunt, who was president of the PTA at the time, making boxes of recycled Christmas cards. Growing up, my mom always had one of these boxes on her dresser and it held bobby pins and hair clips. Inside her dresser she had another one that held a few pairs of her favorite nylons.

Here is how those boxes were made. You can easily alter the size of the boxes, but these were made in 4 inch square, 5 inches high.

***Note: these can also be used as a tissue box cover for the small tissue boxes.

Cut four (4) of your old Christmas cards to a 4" x 5" rectangle. Take two cards and cut them to 4" x 4" square. These two will be your top and your bottom pieces.

You need to punch a hole in each corner and spaced evenly along the edges. I kept mine close to 1" apart all the way around.

Before beginning to put your pieces together, lay them out in their proper order, making sure they are facing the right direction. I simply did a single crochet around the edges of my 4" x 5" cards, with 3 single crochets per punched hole and 6 single crochets in the corners. You don't have to crochet these cards. you can simply whip-stitch around the cards, if desired.

You don't have to single crochet the bottom of the box. You can just whip stitch it into place as it's not going to be seen and will still be sturdy enough to hold your little items. If you are using this box as a tissue cover, however, I suggest you do crochet the edges. be sure to cut a slit in the center of that 4" x 4" square so you can get your tissues out.

After all your single crochet is complete, begin stitching your pieces together. If desired, you can add a loop of thread and a button on your box, if you wish.

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