A Lotta Love Coming Your Way

Oh, there's love in the air around here!

It's been a productive week coming off our workbenches this week. Pat's got four (4) new Valentine's for you, and Leslie has made several new earrings, too.

The Valentines' are plain inside, so you can write whatever you desire.

And there is a large variety of earrings that have been added, which are scattered about. Several of them are in the Silver Hook category and there are some new Fun ones as well as a silver post earring, too Remember, you can have any hook earring changed over to a sterling silver one, if desired.

Here's just a few of the 10 or so pairs of earrings that went for sale at the store today.

There is also an adorable new gift item for those who have a special person no longer living. Check out the Angel Feather ornament. These can be hung in any window or even hung on a wall or the end of a curtain rod. You have your choice of what color card you'd like.

Until next week, happy shopping!

Pat & Leslie

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