Welcome to February. Mr. Punxatawney Phil says we'll be having an early spring, but I'm not so sure according to today's weather. They say an "Alberta Clipper" is coming and we're to have some cold temperatures across the states this coming week. And it's going to be a busy week for most with Mardi Gras celebrations and Chinese New Year, not to mention tomorrow's Super Bowl and Puppy Bowl! At least it will be a FUN week, without a doubt!

I hope everyone has their bets made for tomorrow's big game and everyone has plenty of munchies and goodies to eat while watching it all. No matter which team you are cheering for, be sure to take time out to check out our latest additions! We have new earrings and greeting cards. I've opened up the Easter section this week, so be sure to check out the newest additions.

Here's a little sample of a few new items:

Our Valentine's day section closes this weekend, so if you want to place an order, do so now to ensure you're purchase arrives on time!

We've been busy with all sorts of cute Spring-time items coming up shortly. We also would like to announce that we have donated more than $350 worth of items to our local Natasha House. Natasha House is an outreach home and center for homeless families. For local people, please feel free to contact us for your donations. They are presently collecting gently used shoes (with a heel--no ballerina-style or flip flops), and also we are collecting, continuously for our local food bank. Those out of the area, please contact your local food bank for donations, too!

For a quick little Valentine's Day idea, for you and your loved one, or if you just want to spoil yourself, here's a quick "cheater's" treat: Melt 1 small pkg of your favorite chocolate morsels in a glass measuring cup or bowl. Add 1 cup of whipping cream, stirring well, 2 Tbs. of orange liquer or instant coffee, 1 tsp. vanilla and stir well. Dip chunks of angel food cake, dates, pineapple, or strawberries in that chocolate goodness for a lovely treat!

Have a great weekend and week ahead!

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