Marching Right In

As you can tell, we have been quite busy here! A bundle of new items have been added to the Asylum, from cards to candles, to books, to rings! Stop by and check them out!!!

We have been finding some great items to upcycle and some great ideas ahead for new items to come aboard like the new memory and photo books that were just put on line!

Here's a little sample:

We're now busy preparing Easter eggs the old traditional "pysanky" way (Ukrainian Easter Eggs). Ours aren't as elaborate, but we're having fun making them. I wish there was a way for them to be shipped, but we are unable to do that. However, we will post some pictures when they are cleaned and ready for viewing.

It looks like we have had an end to winter weather and here's to hoping Spring is, indeed, on it's way. It should be....we have wild onion growing all over the place and my anemones havce been in full bloom since mid February, so I'm pretty safe in saying goodbye to winter :)

I will be posting more during the week. Until then, have a great weekend!

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