Spring is Here!

Happy first day of Spring! Happy Ostara! It may not seem very spring-like in some areas today but remember that warm weather IS coming, although it may be slow! It's just around the corner. In the meantime, please take a moment today to feed those wild animals and/or birds in your outdoor space.

We've got all our fruit trees and the dogwoods in full bloom right now so no matter what weather Mother Nature tosses our way, it looks very promising and the world is coming back to life!

This week we have two greeting cards. One is a birthday card, the other a general "thinking of you" card. More cards will be on the way as soon as I get this next book done, which is going to be a budget book. I also have a recipe file book coming up shortly, too, so there's plenty of good things int he works!

We have three pairs fo earrings added. There are Weeping Angels for the Dr. Who fans, as well as some gorgeous blue and silver heart drops and some upcycled leather earrings in a brown suede with a pale cream rose and "pearl" beads.

Next week is Easter and there will NOT be a newsletter. We hope everyone has a great week and a wonderful Easter, spring break or whatever you are celebrating! Here at home, we decorated Easter eggs, which is a Ukrainian tradition in our family

I am totally out of practice making these eggs because of the poor eyesight that I suffered with for many years, but now those eyes are working well, and I hope to continue making these lovely eggs in the future.

Have a great week and a great holiday ahead!

Pat & Leslie

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