April Showers

It's April already! Sorry to hear some areas are having April snow instead of just rain, but it's been one of those years of crazy weather. Our spring, so far, has been up and down with temperatures and a second and third round of the flu has entered most areas because nobody knows how to dress for this weather!

I've spent the better part of March working on projects and items for the Asylum, among other things.

The Mother's Day cards are online this week. There are a few new ones in the group but you will see that the ones that are leftover from last year at Creations of Home, are discounted 10%. The new ones are full price.

There is also a new book, which I wish I could've completed earlier in the year, but it is good for ANY time of year. It's a handmade budget book. It is full of pockets, calendar and all sorts of goodies to help you plan out your monthly budgeting and keep you on target. With the style of the book, you can begin it at any month of the year and save it for the entire year. It's also great for planning on your savings and help you keep track of monthly expenses.

More new projects are coming up, so we hope that you keep us on your radar. Sign up on the main page to get our newsletters each week and codes for special sales that are coming up.

See you next week with some more new items!

Pat & Leslie

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