Spring Cleaning

It's that time of year for Spring Cleaning all around! We're cleaning up the wintry mix and trying to get all the old items swept away! Out with the old and in with the new!

I don't know how many of you still do spring cleaning, but I, for one, try to do it at least once every two years although at one time it was done annually. I don't quite gather as much as I once did, so now it's only every-other year. Two weeks ago we cleaned out the pantry and I was surprised at the amount of items I had that were past the expiration date! We found this app, sometime ago, that I LOVE...it's called "Out of Milk" and I put it on my phone so that I can not only keep track of items I need at the grocery store, but also keep track of what's in my pantry! A very handy little app!

Anyway, we're cleaning, so if you want to save 20% of your total purchase, use the code SPRING2016 to save on your purchase from now until the end April 24th.

If you haven't been to our Facebook or Pinterest page, I posted some greeting cards for Mother's Day his past Wednesday (April 6th). These cards are not only for Mother's Day but could be used for any lovely holiday or greeting. There is also a new Thank You card. added in that directory.

Leslie has a ton of earrings this week, so those are being put online as we speak. And yes, they will be included in the discount savings, too! So come on and help us get this Spring cleaning accomplished!

Until next week! Happy Spring!

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