Spring Sale Reminder and Ode to Allergies

We hope everyone have a great week and that you got outside for a while to enjoy the weather. If the weather was bizarrely uncooperative in your area then we hope you got to enjoy some lovely time indoors with family (bad-mouthing those of us who had temperatures in the 60s.)

We'd also like to remind everyone that we have a sale going on. Until the 24th of April you can sale 20% off your order by using the code SPRING2016 at checkout. So check out our latest items and save!

Finally, I'd like to share a little something with you all in "celebration" of the Spring Season:

We love to see the flowers bloom,

even though they foretell doom.

The birds of springtime call out in the breeze

but all this pollen is making us sneeze!

The bees buzz by as they go pollinate

All of those blossoms we secretly hate.

Sniffles, dry eyes and achoo!!!

But what are we supposed to do?

So out we go to enjoy the Spring,

with all the sinus meds that we can bring.

LOL. Sorry, but I simply couldn't resist!

Enjoy your week!

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