Final Week of April

We're glad to see the end to April this year. It's been a long week or two so it's nice to be reminded that it's on its way out. I've been sick with allergies and other sinus issues that I seem to have passed around because now Leslie is a bit "under the weather", too, with more than just those spring-time sneezes.

Earlier this week I added a new Steampunk Journal. In case you didn't see it, be sure to check it out in the "books" section. This journal is made in a vinyl 7x9 binder and has plenty of room for more pages/paper and items that you wish to add. There are 6 pages with pockets and writing areas on both sides. plus pockets are on both inside pages of the cover.

(sneeze, sniffle)

This week we have 4 new greeting cards with matching envelopes. There is one new birthday card and three other cards put into the "general" cards even though they say " Best wishes" or "Celebrate" and things like that. They can be used for any celebration or event. If you are looking for a specific card be sure to check out the "General" cards area because many can be used for other occasions other than just "hi" ;)

Thanks to Josie for the idea of making matching envelopes. If you have an idea you would like to see, or have a specific request just drop us a line!

Reminder: Mother's Day is May 8th, so be sure to get your Mother's Day greetings before May 4th so you will have them in time!

Until next week, (sneeze...sniffle),


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