Welcome May!

It's May Day! Beltane! Spring has sprung and now the flowers are coming up all over! We're to have had April showers over with but it looks like May wants more, so it's still going to be a wet week here on the east coast at least. No complaints here because when it rains, I stay indoors and get more accomplished!

We hope everyone is prepared for next Sunday, which is Mother's Day. You have until the 3rd to get your Mother's Day cards here. I cannot guarantee they will arrive in time if your order beyond the 3rd. The same goes for any earrings for Mother.....get them NOW. Please don't wait.

We do have 5 new pairs of earrings and one new Thank You card this week. Some of these new earrings are so gorgeous! There's ombre style earrings and one very reminiscent of old time Charleston in the spring so be sure to check them out.

My horoscope says I shouldn't be starting any new projects right away but I have a few ideas in the works and hope to have a new book or two ready for next week; fingers crossed! :)

Since Mother's Day is next Sunday there will NOT be any new items coming or a newsletter. I'm going to take the day off and totally relax, so Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there. I hope you get to spend all your time with your children and grand children and great-grands.........enjoy your week and we wish yo tons of love and a few flowers wouldn't hurt! ;)

See you in two weeks!

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