Goodbye June

Farewell June and hello to July this week! It sure doesn't feel like June today....just a lovely spring-like day with some cool temperatures and lots of sunshine. It's so nice, I have the windows open and shut the air-conditioner off! The low humidity this time of year feels GREAT!

We've had a very busy and productive week. Here's a sample of some of this weeks' items:

Leslie has seven (7) new pairs of earrings that left her worktable today. There are some gorgeous earrings there! I fell in love with the "Angel on One Shoulder" set and sure wish my ears were pierced! The tiny Eternal Gardener ones are just so adorable, as are the shoes. I just love them all!

I've put a few Independence Day cards online. Some are from last 4th of July so they're discounted. There is also a new gorgeous birthday greeting online, too.

I was going to put a new travel/vacation book online, but I fell in love with this one, so I'm going to save it for our vacation this year and will have to make another one to sell. Sorry 'bout that!

Reminder: there is WAREHOUSE sale going on until the end of the month, so get your 30% off (or more) on many items. Remember, several items are already discounted, so take advantage of the 30% off now while you can! The coupon code is CLEANUP and this offer is good until Thursday!

Wishing everyone a great week and lovely weather!

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