Ahhh! Summer!

We hope that everyone is enjoying their summer so far! It has been hot here on the East Coast and the mosquitoes are in full dive-bomb mode, but it has been very enjoyable for most of us.

It's another busy week but we did manage to take time out from garden chores to get a few items up for sale this week.

There are two pairs of stud-style earrings and two pairs of hook style. Two pairs are upcycled ones that we are quite different and unique. I just want to remind you, that although the hook earrings are mostly made with a silvertone hook, you may chose to get a sterling hook replacement at no extra cost to you. There are a few that are black metal or copper, but those are noted and you do have a choice, too, of sterling.

I also managed to get one greeting card out today. Hopefully, I will be able to do more this coming week after I get more supplies. I've run low on my adhesive, so I must wait for that shipment.

We will be having a Back-to-School sale coming up later this month, so stay tune for details on that. There will also be our annual drawing coming up so be sure to keep an eye on the newsletters and/or blog posts for news of that.

Be careful out there this summer but we wish you lots of fun!

Until next week...

Pat & Leslie

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