The Heat is On!

WOW! It's been a hot two weeks down here! Today's another hot and humid day to spend at the beach for all you beach bunnies but I'm going to hibernate in air-conditioning during the day. I look forward, however, to those afternoon and evening storms that cool things down a little bit. We hope everyone's had a bit of time to get out and enjoy these summer days a tiny bit whether you like the hot weather or not. I am not an outdoorsy person but I do enjoy being out there in the early morning and evenings for a tiny long as the mosquitoes leave me alone!

I'm working on another book as well as things around the homestead, so not much came off my workstation this week, but Leslie has made five pairs of earrings. One pair is a "fun" pair for those returning to school, and the other new ones you will find in the "silver hooks" area.

The one card that I was able to shuffle out is a "get-well" card. I want to thank my co-conspirator for the lovely butterfly diecut and for the latest collection of ephemera that has come in this week's mailbox.

I guess I owe her a good old-fashioned dinner this week :) Now the question I slave over a hot stove or take her out to dinner some evening?! :)

Enjoy the hot week ahead and be careful out there.

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