August Happenings

I hope everyone is having a great summer! Time for the last of the relaxation and vacations before school begins again and summer winds down.

Did you take advantage of our Back-to-school sale? We hope you did, but if you didn't, have no fear..we are extending it another week! The 20% off sale runs until August 14th so jump in there and place your orders with the coupon code of TESTS. Since we are having a tax-free weekend on back-to-school items here in Virginia, we decided to extend our sale another week, too.

We opened up the Halloween cards a bit early. There's some from last season at a discount price and then a few new ones. Over the week, I will be adding more. To some it seems it is opened up early, but I've had people who ask for a certain thing two months in advance, so I decided to jump the gun this time and get the Halloween cards out now. Besides, if they can get the Pumpkin Spice candies out for sale then I can get the spooky and fun Halloween cards moving!

Leslie also has some new earrings out for sale. There's one that is in the "fun" category....flowering cacti and the rest are listed and viewed under "silver hooks"........such talent!

I also added a General card this week besides the Halloween cards.

Again, don't forget about the Back-to-school savings! 20% doesn't seem like much but it adds up especially when you consider we do not charge for shipping!

See you next week!

Pat & Leslie

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