The Heat is On

The heat may have returned but we're still dreaming of Autumn! It can't get here soon enough. I'm so tired of the 100+ heat index almost every day! So, while we dream of cooler weather, we make more Fall inspired items!

This week there are a few Halloween earrings, but most are just Autumn earrings and of course, Fall colors in greeting cards, too. There are two General cards that can be used for almost any occasion, and one that is specifically a card of thanks.

I posted last week's items on Facebook and we appreciate it when you *share* that post, publicly, on your own timeline. I can't see paying Facebook $10 a week for an advertisement that goes out to only 10,000 people, when it seems that just by you sharing your post publicly, it goes out to more people than imaginable. One person shares then that person shares, and it keeps doubling up and helps us (and other mom & pop sites) when you *share*. Facebook doesn't need to get richer from mom and pop places! So, thank you for sharing on there! We appreciate it.

Stay cool until next week and think Autumn!

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