Welcome September

I thought September weather was to be cooler? Aren't we heading towards autumn? Where is it? For us on the East Coast, it's now full-swing for hurricane season, so we're alert for those, but it's way too hot for autumn to be "around the corner"! I sure hope it cools down soon.

We've been quite busy gearing up for the autumn Fairs and Festivals. One Sept 24th, we will be at one of our local fairs (Faith Community Church, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.) so come by to visit our booth. Keep posted for any updates, here or on our Facebook page. There will be specials at the festivals and fairs that are not available online, so do stop by to see what we have!

This week we have 10 new pairs of earrings that came off of my daughter's workbench. There's both Autumn earrings and Halloween ones. Some are cute, some are spooky, so come take a look. The largest pair is 2" long, and the majority of handmade ones are approximately 1" in length.

I haven't had the chance to work on anything the past few weeks since it's harvest time and I've been in the kitchen canning and freezing items from our garden. This is the very first year my husband has finally managed to grow a lovely bunch of pumpkins and his very first REAL watermelon (that tasted like sugar!). I have been digging through tons of family recipes for pumpkin, bean, tomato and squash (butternut and summer) so it has been a never-ending cook-fest in my kitchen the past few weeks. Yesterday, I cooked 2 gallons of yard-long beans, 1 quart of pickled tindora, 2 gallons of pumpkin and 2 quarts of salsa. Tomorrow I have at least 5 butternut squash to process, but the garden is slowly winding down with this harvest, so I should be back to making a few more cards soon.

We hope you stop by and take a look at the cute little earrings we've added. Until next week, stay cool, enjoy having your little tykes back in school session and get ready for more items to come soon!

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