Yes, it's in all caps! I LOVE this month! October is full of color and fun and rain and more fun and cooler weather and leaves and rain and more fun!

And we're celebrating with FUN stuff! We opened up an Halloween Apothecary under "gifts". It's loaded with bottles, jars and vials that have been recycled and turned into very old and well-used witch's apothecary items such as Dragon's Fire, Gargoyle Dust, Mermaid Tears and Dried Spider Webs. Check it out!

We've kept them all the same price of $4 for each one, whether it is made of glass or plastic and no matter what size it is (from 1.5 inches to 8 inches). So stop by and check out the cute little bottles and jars for Halloween!

We also opened up a necklace area. These are mostly handmade or recycled items, and again, they are all $7 each.

And I've added 4 new Halloween cards, too, so stop by and check them out!

Happy October everyone! Now to sit and watch the leaves turn color and dance in the wind!

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