It's Getting Spooky!

Spooky eyes staring at me! They say the closer to Halloween the thinner the veil gets between the living and dead, but golly, those eyes are spooky!

We're still getting ready for that big fun night, but in the meantime we're also celebrating Columbus Day this week by having a COLUMBUS DAY SALE! For the week, your total purchase is 20% off with the code of PINTA. The sale runs from today until Oct. 15th.

We've added 8 new items this week. There's one new necklace, 2 items for the Halloween Apothecary (found under Gifts) and several Fun and Silvertone Earrings. Remember, if you want Sterling Hooks changed out on our earrings, please send us a note if it's not an option listed. There is no extra charge.

We know there are those along the East Coast being affected from Hurricane Matthew. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those in the path of this storm. Stay safe! And for those that are celebrating with a hurricane party, also stay safe but party on! After all, it is that time of year for parties....any kind!

Until next week...

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