Happy Halloween! Happy Samhain! Happy All Saints Day! Happy All Souls Day! The week is full of holidays, too, like National Candy Day, ,National Love Your Red Hair Day, National Nachos Day and of course, Election Day! Whatever you wind up celebrating this week, enjoy and be careful tomorrow night as the little ones are out and about in search of the best goodies! Please check your child's treat bags before allowing them to eat any goodies. Some are not aware of their allergies and may accidentally eat something that they shouldn't. Make sure your child has reflective tape or some bright colored light on him/her and above all, make sure you child has a flame-retardant costume on, follow your town's rules as to the times and places to Trick or Treat and be super careful out there while driving!

There's nothing new to add this week to the site. We are preparing to open up the Christmas shop next week. This year, all greeting cards will be sold in packages of 5 or 6 per pack and priced accordingly. There are a lot of new designs coming up, too.

Time to dig through our bag of goodies to stash away some Snickers before they're given all out to the goblins and little fairies tomorrow night!

Until next week...

Pat & Leslie

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