Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a joyous and safe New Year's Eve! We're on our way to a glorious 2017 and I'm hoping everyone is determined to make this one heck of a year that will be a hundred times better than 2016!

With the start of a new year, also comes the dreaded tasks of taxes and inventory....two things I really dread working on. Normally, I'm quite fastidious about organization and such but these two things seem to take forever and ever to get through so I'm hoping you all will help us with a sale or two for the start of this new year. Our first sale of the year will be later this month, but we have several new pairs of earrings to start the year off with! Leslie has been busy!!! Here are a few of this week's new ones:

With rising costs of many products out there that we use, we are trying our best to keep our costs down since many items we sell are handmade or re-made from another previous product/item. We do not want to charge shipping prices on our products since the majority of our items are small and light to ship, but we tossed about ideas on how to cut costs and there is no other way but to charge a handling fee. So, unfortunately, beginning this week, we will now charge a flat $5 handling fee on ALL items. This is still cheaper than a flat rate shipping fee, and should be sufficient to cover the rising costs of our creations. We hope you understand why we had to do this.

Until next week, have a super start to the new year!!!

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