New Year, New You!

We're only two weeks into the new year, and it's time to live up to your resolutions and get them into full gear! Whatever you wish for yourself for 2017, it's time to get it moving along and we are going to help you do that with a look at some new items for this week along with a special "New Year, New You" Sale!

First, let's look at some of the items we have this week. Leslie made 6 new pairs of earrings for you to wear this year. Here are 3 of them....

And I've made two new birthday cards for you....

PLUS, we have a very special sale this week ONLY! It's a "New Year, New You" Sale where you can get any "General" greeting card for half price! Yes, that's right. Only $2 per greeting card! I am hoping you've made a resolution to not forget anyone's birthday this year and this is a great way to begin. Stock up now. The coupon code for this event is: FORME, and the sale runs from January 15th until the 21st. Don't forget to get them now. That's only $2 a greeting card and a resolution you'll be able to keep.

Until next week, keep warm!

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