Spring is in the Air

It seems that spring is in the air! It's been a lovely, warm week and the coming week looks just as great! My garden is even saying that spring is here. All my daffodils, anemone and forsythia are in bloom and I've noticed that the plum tree has little buds forming, too! I'm sure there will be cooler weather yet to come, but it's a hopeful start!

Speaking of 'start", I've started to add "Note Card Sets" listed under cards. There will be more but I've included 2 sets here for starters.

As you can see, there are 6 pairs of new earrings. One is a post, the rest are silver hook style earrings and they are just gorgeous! I'm particularly fond of the little airplane message one! Just adorable!

In celebration of Lent beginning next week. We have a Mardi Gras sale that begins today and runs until Shrove Tuesday (February 28th). Use the code word: PARTY to receive 25% off your total purchases!!!

Until next week: PARTY!

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