Mardi Gras!

It's Mardi Gras time! We hope everyone who celebrates is having a good time partying! Lent begins on Wednesday.

It's also time to say goodbye to February on Tuesday, too! Officially, Spring is next month, but it's hard to tell that from here. We have had one of the warmest and driest February's on record. And here, along the east coast (Virginia), everything is in bloom, from daffodils to fruit trees. AND they're also doing pollen counts for us already because it has been so warm and dry.

Leslie has managed to get 8 new pairs of earrings off of her work bench this week. I see she has some beautiful handmade beautiful gems that she is polishing up for next month, but here are 8 new ones for you to chose from!

And as a reminder, all "cancer" type of jewelry, cards, candles, etc., the money is donated to our local chapter of the American Cancer Society.

There are still 2 more days to take advantage of the 25% off Mardi Gras sale. Be sure to use the code of: PARTY to save your 25%. The sale ends on Tuesday, February 28th.

See you next month!

Happy Mardi gras!

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