Happy Spring!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring!!! Yipee!!! We had some snow showers this morning so everyone here is hoping that it is the end of the snow and we will see a warming trend instead of one day in the 70s and then dropping to freezing the next! We are tired of hearing that everyone is coming down with a cold, the flu or worse!

It's a minimal week here. We have been busy working on projects for Spring and for the upcoming sale next month at Booker Elementary school on April 22nd, Saturday starting at 9 a.m. Come on out and see all the neat things we have for Mother's Day, Father's Day and summer! (Leslie has been making some adorable fairy doors!)

This week we only have 2 new greeting cards to offer. I just HAD to make something for Spring, so there are two new ones. One is a "general card" though it does say "Congrats!" and "Live, Love, Laugh" it really can be used for any occasion. The next is a Thank You card which has some adorable flowers on it, too.

As a reminder. all earrings by Leslie are $7 and there is no extra charge for any "silvertone" earring to be changed over to a sterling silver earring. Also, all greeting cards are $4 unless otherwise noted. These are our "forever and ever" rate for these items whether they are of Swarvorski crystal, handmade or other.

All of our other items, are priced according to amount of time used in making them. We receive many donations (thank you!!!) from local people who know what we are looking for and what we can use to remake and remodel and upsize for your liking and this keeps our prices to a minimum amount. We are very grateful to this handful of people who know we are trying our best to pass the savings on to our customers.

Until next week, keep warm, wish the cold away and happy Spring!!!

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