April Showers...

They say April showers bring May flowers. Well, down here in coastal Virginia, we have an abundance of flowers this Spring! The dogwoods are all past bloom and the azaleas are in glorious color along with the tulips and wisteria and everything is turning a lush green.

We've been taking advantage of our glorious weather as we prepare for our upcoming spring time shows at local venues. Please stop by the Hop and Shop at Booker Elementary school on April 22nd and the Breakthrough Worship Center's Spring Market on May 20th. We will have all NEW items at both events. What doesn't get sold at the events will be placed online at our website but not until then. Sorry, local patrons will get first dibs! But I will tell you that there will be several new items of our fine jewelry, a lot of handmade (clay) items including "elf doors" for your home, a few garden items, lovely items for your home as well as new books, journals and ledgers for Mother's Day and Father's Day.

I want to thank Chi-Chi and Jean Grant for their donations. You think "it's not much" but it does help! Every little bit helps and we appreciate it, so a big "thank you" from the asylum!

Just a few reminds for you: all of our earrings can be set with sterling silver hooks without extra charge. Also, if you want a specific sentiment stamped or printed inside of a greeting card, just ask. Again, there is no extra charge!

There will be no newsletter next Sunday. We wish you and yours a happy and blessed Easter and Ostara. Now to go find a mad hatter in dark chocolate!

We'll be back in 2 weeks.

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