Everything's Coming Up, Up, Up.....

Yesterday we were at Hop and Shop at Booker Elementary School. We thought the weather would keep the people away but Mother Nature shut off the rain early so that the children had a blast with all of the games and fun things to do. It was a tad disappointing that the city (or someone) began taking some of the signs down for the event. However, it was a lot of fun for some and turned out to be a good day.

The Mother's Day cards that did not sell at the fair are online today, so enjoy those. Coming up are the "Fairy Doors" that were at the show this past weekend and will also be at the upcoming show at the Breakthrough Worship Center on May 20th. We will post the fairy doors during the week. Some sold already but for those who don't know, I have had these fairy doors around the baseboards of my home since we moved here more than 30 years ago when Leslie Anne was making them back then. They intrigued friends then and over the years, intrigued the grandkids and visitors so be sure to check them out. They are sold with command strips to be adhered to the wall.

We are having a very rainy week here but everything is in bloom, including the last of the azaleas and the wisteria, which are fading away quickly. On the upside, the temperatures are beginning to soar and the air-conditioning has already made it's "grand entrance" this past Wednesday when our temperatures soared to 91 degrees. Summer is near!

Those who were in attendance at the Hop and Shop Fair at Booker Elementary School entered into a drawing for a garden set and that will be announced next Sunday as to who wins that great prize. Thanks to all who attended.

There is a special Mother's Day Sale. 15% off your entire purchase with the coupon code of

MOMSDAY so that you can take advantage of the new greeting cards place on the site. The sale runs until the 6th on May.

Until next week, have a good one!

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