May Flowers and Fun

Our Spring Market is over and done with and now we can concentrate on the last of Spring and summer fun! Thanks to all involved in the market and for your donations to the food bank! We had the strangest weather---starting off warm and then the temperatures dropping all day, but it was a great day for vendors indoors and out! I think everyone had a lot of fun and we had a wide variety of items to sell. Thanks to 4 Events Planning for letting us get in on the action!

Our fairy doors were a huge hit, once again but I promise there will be more to come! The asylum is taking a break on craft fairs for the summer but we'll return in the fall with many new items including more doors!

I've posted a few new earrings. We have a lot of things to put online and I will be doing those over the next few weeks. Please be patient with us as it's a busy, hectic time around here. We have Memorial Day coming up next week along with some other crafty "inmates" coming to visit and after that other things are happening. The "asylum" got a new roof put on this past week and in about a week we will be getting a new "facelift" (siding). Yes, we had that much damage from that hail storm back March and we're finally getting things done.

So check back now and then over the next week or two and new items will be posted here and there. I always send a tweet, an upload to Pinterest and also to Google+ and Facebook, so you can keep up with the latest there, also.

I forgot to mention, there are some Infinity bracelets left in various colors! You will find them under "bands and Bracelets"

There will be newsletter next week.

We wish everyone a lovely Memorial Day weekend ahead. Remember, we celebrate that day in remembrance of our fallen heroes. If it wasn't for their sacrifice, we wouldn't be here today!

Stay safe!

Inmates #1 and #2

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