June is Here!

June is here and it's almost summer! I know a lot of people who look forward to the days ahead and enjoy the hot weather. I, for one, am in air-conditioning-hibernation for the summer! Yes, I'm one of those that cannot tolerate the hot weather, especially here in Virginia!

So, since I'm indoors a lot, I've been busy in the Asylum. As you may have (or have not) noticed, the "greeting card" section has pretty much vanished. I've accumulated the greeting cards into bundles and they are at a discount price! Before, the cards were $4 apiece (although some cost more than others to create, it averaged out to the $4 price), the bundles are now rating the cards at $3 each so the bundles may sound like they're expensive, but in all actuality, they are cheaper by $1 per card. Now is the time to take advantage of bundles.

Will I open individual greeting card areas again? Maybe. I'm working on a few possibilities so we will just have to wait and see what develops.

In the meantime, Leslie has given me five pairs of earrings to put on display this week. They are all so summer-y and just gorgeous! I'm sure you will agree with me that they are just beautiful!

I also want to remind you that you have the option of silvertone hooks on those earrings or sterling silver hooks, at no extra charge.

Speaking of charges. Local customers take note: the $5 handling charge will be waived if you wish to make arrangements to pick up your order. I don't have the option to let you chose that during your shopping experience online, but if you drop me a note at altered_asylum@ cox.net or Altered_asylum@yahoo.com, we will gladly work with you to make arrangements. Just leave us your email or phone number!

Also, I want to remind you that Father's Day is June 18th. Maybe get dad a great new wrist band or some other item from our store! :)

Have a great week ahead!

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