You would think it was already summer with afternoon and evening thunderstorms occurring every day! We still have a few days to go before it's official, but it sure does seem like summer in full swing down here. As a matter of fact, we just had one little thundershower roll through here this afternoon during lunch hour!

This week we don't have a whole lot to add to our collection because we've been busy with all sorts of things going on around the house. For those who know that we had storm damage, we did get our new roof 2 weeks ago (before the rains came!) and then new siding went up as well as rain gutters. We are now just waiting for a nice dry day for the workers to return to paint areas of the house (where there was brick) and paint shutters. In the meantime, one of our vehicles broke down and it had to get a whole new front brake system. Next, when the weather cooperates, comes deck repair and painting. Yes, it's been busy here!

In the midst of it all, Leslie Anne got about 4 pairs of new earrings off of her workbench. She made some gorgeous summery style earrings that we know you will love. And yes, she is still working on more fairy doors for the Autumn shows in October, November and December.

I spent the past week working on an altered book that has been turned into a journal and/or keepsake book for memorabilia. There are about 44 pages to use for journaling, keepsakes and more. There are several pockets, envelopes, tabs and tags for you to have fun with in this one-of-a-kind book.

We hope you have a great week! I'm off to work on some new ideas for later in the year!


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