Bye Bye August

Wow, August is coming to an end soon! The month went by way too fast but in another way, I'm looking forward to Autumn so I'm glad it flew quickly!

I LOVE Autumn! It's always been my favorite time of year, followed by winter. Yes, winter. I'd rather be cold and bundle up than sweltering in heat where you can only take off x amount to be comfortable! But we have a way before the cold weather comes so for now I'm just going to enjoy the end of summer and look forward to a long Autumn, I hope! Besides, next month is a busy month for our family as it is full of celebrations for birthdays, anniversaries and such.

To start celebrating early, we're having a 20% off sale from today and until September 9th. Use the coupon code of HAPPY and you'll save 20% off your total purchase!

This week we've added several new items. Leslie has five new pairs of earrings all ready for the end of summer. There's even one gold-hook pair and one pair that is made of polymer clay.

I've also added 2 new greeting cards to the "individual" greetings page. One is for Autumn or Thanksgiving and the other is for an anniversary.

Please be sure to check out all of the fairy doors while they are online. Once they are taken to the next trade show, they will be gone and no replicated so get them while you can!

Until next week, have a great end to another lovely month!

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