Sweet September

It's been a very busy week here as you can see. The Halloween sections are in full "bloom" this month with a bundle of new apothecary items. Some of these Halloween-themed bottles and jars can be used for your own items, as the lid is removable, and are listed as such. ALL of the apothecary items are made of non-harmful items BUT, regardless, are NOT meant for use nor consumption! And none are for small children as many contain small beads and other items. It is the aged, eerie looking jars and labels that are being sold here, not the contents, as the contents are "pretend" and "make-believe".

I have also opened up the Halloween greeting card section. There are some old ones and a few new ones to go through. In the coming week or two, I will also open up the Autumn and Thanksgiving greetings.

The Halloween greetings are being sold at $3 apiece instead of the usual $4 per card.

Reminder: we will be at the Craft Fairs on October 14 and 28th. The locations and information are listed on our home page. Oct. 14th is at St. Tammany's Masonic Lodge on W. Queen Street in Hampton and the show on Oct. 28th is at Lindsay Middle School on Briarfield Rd. At these craft fairs we will have Halloween items as well as items for Thanksgiving and Christmas that have not yet been put on the Asylum. We hope to see all of you there!

Inmates #1 and #2

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