Joyous December

Sorry for the lack of posts here and elsewhere as well as lack of new items online. My inmate and I have been as busy as the holiday elves in the North Pole, preparing for our biggest show of the year on Dec. 16th at the Scottish Rite Center. See the ad on the main page for full details.

We have new handmade holiday albums, new earrings, and plenty of new Angel balls as well as the lovely little BEARBELLS that sold so well last Christmas season. Please be sure to come to the show to get your choices before they items are sold out! We h ave no real duplicates except for the Angel Balls, so if you want your choice of colors or designs, be sure to attend the Wonderfest!

Items available after Dec. 16th date will be put online, as soon as possible, so you will still have at least a week to get your choices picked and shipped in time for Christmas and/or the new year.

Oh, and yes, there will be a display of fairy doors at the next show!

Remember, any questions or requests, please leave a message at: or (both have underscores between the name).

See you next week!

Inmate #1

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