It's a new year! Happy New Year to everyone, even though we're more than a week into it. We've been so busy with holidays and then our area, as many of you also had, a nasty snowstorm, or should I call it the Bomb Cyclone?! It was bad here along the coast but we didn't suffer any major damages from the winds, so I'm grateful for that. I also wound up with a sort-of vacation....sitting home, watching most of it in the confines of my craft room because I don't own a winter coat and it was too dangerously cold to go out with the usual sweater-parka combo. As it was, we were all sneezing and wheezing so no one really needed to get into a bad state of pneumonia, bronchitis or whatever was going around. I just played it safe, stayed indoors, cooked meals and created a little whenever possible.

I do have two new albums for photos. They're listed under Gifts/Books. The is the Big Blue Album and then Precious Album. Both contain at least 6 multi-sided pages, foldouts and flaps for photos as well as pockets for journaling here and there. I hope you will enjoy these. There is also a mark-down on other albums listed, too, so be sure to take advantage of them.

Aside from those few, there's nothing else new. We've just been too busy with other personal things at the start of this year but hope to get back to putting some new items up for Valentine's Day before the month ends.

Be sure to stop at the main page and fill out the survey question, too! This helps us know what you, the customer, is looking for!

Thank you! Have a super week and keep warm!

Inmate #1

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