March Roars In

March is roaring in like a lion this year! I know a lot of those here on the East Coast got hammered with high winds. We hope none of our customers experienced severe damages! We can only hope March exits like the saying goes...gentle and calm like a lamb!

Well, last week I had computer problems so this week I caught up with the new items and posted 2 new books and albums along with a few (4) pairs of earrings that came off of Inmate #2's workbench. The spring-like earrings are just adorable!

Here's a glimpse of the Fantasy (Fictitious) Family album. This is the 4th fictitious album I've ever made and I find it quite a bit of fun to do and a great way to alter a book.

And this is a glimpse into the Steampunk Album which can hold several dozen photographs and is adorned with many steampunk style gears and items. This book was a lot of fun to make and thanks to my dear friend, Judy, for the inspiration!

Until next week,

Inmate #1

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