I know we haven't written anything the past month or two but we were so busy this past Spring that I just couldn't squeeze the time in to get any newsletters or posts in. BUT, now it's summer and we're working hard here at the Asylum, getting ready for all the events later in the year.

As a few of you know, we are unable to do outdoor events (for health reasons), so we are omitting summer trade shows and hope to resume with them in late September or October.

This month I sat down and sorted all the items we had at shows the past month or two that were not online and MOST have been added. We have a lot of albums, journals and books for you to look at and purchase and I hope to have the latest in jewelry and/or any other items on sale shortly.

Now to clear of the work benches and get to work, in air-conditioning! (yes, we had to get new a/c-heating unit last month) so now we can work out in the asylum.

I do want to give a big shoutout to the Grant family, Anti and all those who have donated items to the Asylum the past few months.....we thank you kindly!!!

Inmate #1

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