A new collection is here!!! Whimsy! Here you will find our Fairy Babies, Gnomes and other whimsical items. Eventually, the Fairy Doors will move to this area but for now are in a world of their own.

The fairy babies are little tiny babies wrapped in leaves and there are different color hats for them. The gnomes are males and females. You do have a choice of color and gender and we will TRY our best to meet your needs. Supplies are limited.

Sorry a newsletter went out with a sale for 15% off but I neglected to give the dates or coupon code. It is a HOT SUMMER SALE and yes, everything is 15% off. The coupon code is SUMMER. The sale runs from today, June 9th until June 24th.

There are new earrings, books and even two new fairy doors added so check out the latest!

Sorry for any inconvenience the newsletter may have caused. I posted a big note on the main page, too.

Dumb Inmate #1

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