Early Spring

Well, according the the groundhog we're to have an early spring and it sure has warmed up down our way! Yesterday it was 78 degrees here in Hampton....today, however, is a different story but it is still nice to see some lovely weather pop in. And do you know what comes with warm weather?? Spring flowers....and Night has made some lovely "spring flowers" and other things for this year's new items.

There are a few new pairs of earrings listed and several necklaces, so be sure to check them out!

Here's a brief preview:

We also will have our first local show at the Mother's Day Market on May 4th, which is advertised on our main page.

There will be some new items at this show that are NOT online and will not be put online because of shipping difficulties, so they will be only sold at this craft show.

Please check back regularly for any updates.

Thank you and have a great week!!!

Inmate #1

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