April is here and it looks to be as long a month as March was! We are all confined to our own homes/spaces yet and it is to continue throughout the month. Even with the weather becoming so lovely (and pretty steady), it will definitely be a longggg month! President Trump said for us to be prepared for a nasty week, as our death tolls climb and the cases continue to increase, we are all hoping and praying that we are about ready to hit the apex and work downwards to eradicating this dreadful Covid-19 virus.

We have had several people ask about face masks and if the Asylum has any for sale. Sorry, we do not have any for sale. I had enough scrap material to make 4 masks for our own use and when/if I do find time to make more extras, it will be posted. For those who cannot get one, I suggest that you use a bandana or a large mens handkerchief for some sort of protective covering outdoors.

While being confined to our home, I have spent several rainy afternoons working on a springtime album. This album is 6 x 6 1/2" and is done with flowers, butterflies and lovely pastel colors for springtime photos and those you may be taking at your Easter dinner table this year. The album will hold about 50-60 photos on pages and tags and there is a lovely pink ribbon for ties to keep it closed. This will also make a great gift to set aside for Mother's Day.

Until next time around, stay safe!!!!

Inmate #1

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