This Corona virus is quite scary and affecting each and everyone of us in one way or another. I'm hoping, along with the rest of Americans, that we're on our way down from this and things will return to some form of normalcy, soon. It'll be a new "norm" for everyone, but we will all have learned something from this frightening event.

We're trying our best to stay indoors and keep to ourselves, especially myself and hubby, since we are up there in ages. Having two adult children here with us, makes it fairly convenient for them to run most of the errands, and yes, they're being super cautious and sanitizing everything.

Since confinement, I've been keeping myself amused by making a new cookbook. This one is made of many leftover items from many previous cookbook papers and paper packs from several companies. There are so many pockets and tags in this cookbook, Mix it Up, that it could probably hold close to 75 or 100 3x5 cards and some 5x8 sized cards or more. I think it would make a great recipe book for family favorites as well as a good one for clippings of interesting "to try" recipes you might collect. There is even a booklet to use for planning your menu for special occasions and plenty of 3x5 cards to start you off. I hope you like it!

I'm hoping to get a few other new items online shortly. Besides, I've got nothing better to do right now than Spring Cleaning and make books! LOL

Remember, we're all in this together, so hang in there, folks! We'll get through this!

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