Happy July!

We hope everyone had a safe and happy Independence Day celebration and had the chance to enjoy some fireworks or at least a good cookout in-between those afternoon and evening showers and storms that our area has been plagued with this week.

The heat is on and that means we're done with craft fairs until Autumn for our area because we are unable to do outdoor venues and many of them are just that. We are spending the summer, here at the Asylum, working on new Fall and Winter projects, which means plenty of jewelry, gifts and books for Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course, Christmas seasons.

During the last two trade shows, we had our collection of greeting cards on sale. They are NOT online, and have been bundled into yearly packages. They will not be put online and if you are interested in specific greeting cards for any occasion, please leave a note and we'll give you a price quote at a great discount.

Yes, I am making more "junk journals" for those who are interested in having a fun journal to write in. Most of my journals will be about 40 pages in size, so they are great for a month's worth of writing, as well as keeping photo's and lists handy. And of course, there will be some new photo albums for winter coming up in a month or so.

We're actually on our "vacay" for the summer so have a safe summer. Enjoy your travels and we will put out another newsletter in August.

Oh, and one cute little idea for your summer travels. Wherever you go, send yourself a postcard. Save these postcards, punch a whole in the corner, attach a ring, and use as a little reminder of your summer fun for the year!

Stay safe, my friends!

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