We are starting off the holiday season with a setback but hope to get things rolling in the right direction, in time. We ask you to be patient with us as we deal with important family issues behind the scenes. One minor problem has evolved into a larger problem and then a larger problem on top of that, which led to an even further problem, so we are all coping as best as we can.

Little by little, we are going to put ALL of our holiday items up for sale that were set aside to be sold only at our local craft fairs this season. We MUST empty some of our inventory in order to make room for spring items which will be right around the corner. Be sure to check back often for new items will be added daily as I can only find moments here and there to get them online.

The Inmates at the Asylum sincerely apologize to our local patrons for having to cancel this holiday seasons craft shows. We are NOT shutting down, we are simply taking the time to attend to personal precedence.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Inmates at the Asylum!

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