Happy summer, everyone!

We apologize for the lack of posts and such lately but we've been busy working on local items and attending trade fairs in our area. BUT, now it's summer and we are on our long-awaited break. Our last show of the summer was yesterday at the local Scottish Rite center. It wasn't all that great, however, we met a lot of new trade show workers and hope to meet up with them again in the Autumn.

Our weather yesterday (and again today) has been FABULOUS! Right around 80 degrees with low humidity and not a cloud in the sky! And because of the lovely weather, for a change, I guess everyone headed to the beaches so our trade show lacked attendance, but it was still fun.

There are a few items that were made and not submitted online and I will be adding those over the next week or two so be sure to check back on those items. There are a few journals and a couple of photo albums along with 2 or 3 travel-logs for your summer memories.

I wish everyone a happy summer, and although the local shows are done for now, our work behind the scenes continues and we'll have more online for you soon!

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