Just about all of us, across the U.S. are confined to our residences. I know of a few that are confined to their place of work, particularly those in the military. This is a rough and tough time for everyone of us!!! We will get through this. It may take some time, but in the process, we are learning a lesson in patience. Just B.E.L.I.E.V.E.

I know some are having a very rough time of it. I've learned that years ago when we went though those terrible post-hurricane Isabel days, we managed through without electricity, refrigeration, petro, and such for over nine days in the middle of a heatwave and now realize it's prepared us for these long scary days and I am soooooo grateful for electricity, cable, and a freezer full of food!

We have been keeping busy here at the Asylum. I have been doing a lot of cooking, cleaning and disinfecting each day. When I do get free time, I have been working on some projects to put online and even playing with the idea of adding a few greeting cards back online for sale. I've been trying to keep things as "normal" as possible here with schedules and such. Every morning the dog gets her walk, We all get our turn on our treadmill for exercise and we all keep the eating/sleeping/showering schedules so that it feels halfway "normal" for all four of us.

Inmate #2 (Leslie a.k.a. Night) has been helping her father (a.k.a. Inmate #3) build 3 new raised vegetable beds so that he can continue to enjoy his gardening since his bypass and pacer surgeries. She' has also been the designated "errand runner" so her dad and I can stay home somewhat protected.

Inmate #4 (my son a.k.a. Scott/Scooter) is working steadily, through all of this because he is one of the managers at a tool supply company. Of course, we're all praying he doesn't come into contact with an infected individual.

We hope all of you are staying safe and protecting yourselves as much as possible. The more of us that follow the rules, the quicker we will flatten the curve and end this long isolation.

With so much time on our hands we are holding a flash sale from today and until April 4th. Get 25% off with the coupon code: HERE4U. Now is the time to get a photo album and work on some pictures, get a recipe album and organize your favorites, buy some new jewelry to cheer you up, get a journal, etc. Remember, it's 25% off!!!

Until next time, Stay Safe!!!

Inmate #!

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