Winding Down

We just want to touch all bases with our customers and let you know that summer is definitely continuing out here on the East Coast! It's been a hot and steamy August and it looks like that is going to continue for the rest of August.

While that heat and summer storms continue outdoors, we're keeping quite busy here at the Asylum with many projects in the works for Autumn and Winter.

I know, you're going ask where they are. Well, we haven't opened up those pages yet since it's still vacation time for many, and after all, it IS summer yet, but you'll get a view of things as time rolls on. Sorry for those who are back to "school-mode" already but school doesn't start down here until after Labor Day so it's still time to rest and relax.

Yes, it's still vacation-time for the majority of us but we're all thinking of those lovely autumn holidays coming up real quick!

September is a celebratory month for our family so we're skipping local shows but during the month I will probably open up some sneak previews of holiday items coming up while we continue creating things here at the Asylum.

We have lined up some local trade fairs and those are listed on the front page. The first one for us this Autumn will be The Fall Fish Fry and Vendor Fair at Faith Community Church on October 19th. Then the following week we will be at First United Methodist Church for their Craft Show/Brunswick Stew/Ham & Biscuit Luncheon, which is on October 26th. After that, we'll be at the Pre-Holiday Show at Sts. Constantine & Helen Fair being held on November 23rd. So far, those are the ones lined up for us until the end of the year and we're looking forward to seeing you there. Remember, not everything you see online is our complete inventory. There are many fragile items we cannot ship easily so they are available only at our local trade fairs and vendor shows.

We hope the remainder of your summer is enjoyable and relaxing!

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